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Educational Soccer Tours

At Total Football Experience we believe that education has an important part to play within a soccer tour and should be included within the itinerary as a matter of principle.

During a soccer tour to England, Portugal and Spain we can arrange, as part of your detailed itinerary, historical visits to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks in cities such as London, Barcelona, Chester, Madrid, Lisbon and many more. In most cases we use sightseeing tour buses when available with a live guide or digitally-recorded commentary which will give everyone the historical knowledge and a total educational experience.

With regards to soccer education, we can arrange guest coaches and guest speakers from professional clubs to visit your players to pass on their experiences and inside knowledge whilst working within the football industry in England, Portugal and Spain. Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition & Diet, Hydration, Lifestyle Factors that Affect Performance and Mental Health are just some of the subjects that can be covered. These sessions will be delivered either academically and practically depending on the subject.

Our guest speakers and guest coaches have been past and present players and coaches with a wealth of experience working with, and playing with, some of the best players and teams in Europe.

We believe that the knowledge the players will gain from listening to experienced soccer industry professionals will be a fantastic point of reference for years to come and can only be beneficial to their personal future development.

Please take a look at and then email to set up a call.

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