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what our clients say about us

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John Raffaelle
Manager 06 MS Rush Premier Boys

Ritchie, the trip was amazing!  My family and myself really enjoyed ourselves.  It was truly an experience of a lifetime.  Your itinerary was perfect, allowing the families to take in key sites in London, Chester and Wales.  The stadium tours were phenomenal really putting things into perspective as it relates to the popularity and passion of Futbol in England!  You were very accommodating and understanding to the groups needs.  I really don’t believe we could have fit much more into the schedule as it was pretty packed.  The boys really enjoyed playing the academy and club teams, I just wish Drew could have participated in the games.  Thank you again for providing us a lifetime of great memories across the pond!!
By the way, my oldest son is still singing Crystal Palace songs.

Matt Malej

Mississippi Flood FC, ’03 Boys Head Coach

“Total Football Experience (TFE) exceeded our expectations on this trip. From my own past experiences, I know how difficult it is to organize a soccer/football tour that tailors to everyone (player and parents) equally, without compromising either on or off the field activities. TFE worked with us to design a perfect itinerary, with the appropriate balance of training, matches and cultural attractions. I cannot thank them enough for their professionalism and enthusiasm.

Ritchie and Steve were with us from the beginning once we landed and have gone above and beyond to make everyone’s experience memorable and pleasant. We trained with top (Premier League) academy coaches, who were always available and welcoming of any questions from both players and parents. The entire trip was great value for the money and I would recommend TFE without reservation to anyone wanting to go to the U.K. for a soccer/football tour. In fact, we are already planning our next trip with them … this time perhaps to Spain.”

John Gardner

Louisiana Fire


Every piece of the trip had an element that both parents and players could enjoy. The training was top notch, the visits to Old Trafford and Carrington were “once in a lifetime experiences” and from day one, we were treated like family. I can’t say that one event was my favorite.


The “touristy” aspect alone would have made the trip worthwhile. Add onto that the experience of playing the academy teams, the excellent training sessions, attending professional matches and getting a local experience in Chester... No way I can narrow it down to one part. That’s a testament to the effort that Coach Ritchie and Coach Steven put into our trip!

Adam English

Jackson Soccer Club

“Our recent trip to England with “Total Football Experience” exceeded our expectations…by a long shot. Ritchie and Steve ran a “first class” operation and we couldn’t be happier. Obviously the soccer training was excellent, the matches were a treat, and the experiences outside of soccer were once in a lifetime…but above that was the personal feel that these guys create during the week. The players get to know the coaches on a personal level and get insight and feedback on their game that they’ll take with them forever.


The parents and families get to experience London and Chester, and have Ritchie and Steve along the way to introduce local venues with truly unique character that we haven’t experienced before. The town of Chester is ideal for this trip to England…quaint, safe, friendly, clean and full of Roman history. We quickly became comfortable enough to let the kids explore the town on their own during the afternoons while we sampled local shopping and strolled the streets and listened to live music being played at “The Cross” in the middle of town. Ritchie and “Craney” (Coach Steve) have an incredible ability to create a personal and “family like” feel to all elements of this trip. That quality can’t be taught. Some are born with it…and some aren’t. We are lucky enough to have met these guys and now call them friends. We’re looking forward to the next “Total Football Experience”!

Marie Gibbs

Louisiana Fire Juniors Soccer Club

I wanted to thank you both for a wonderful experience. Connor had a fantastic that he will always hold close to his heart. You were both such gracious hosts and the activities scheduled were enjoyable to both players and parents. Keep up the good work and God willing we will return on the next tour. 

Brian Lowry

Mississippi Rush & Mississippi Soccer Association

Ritchie and Steven,


I don’t know what to say.  After the incredible tour my son and I experienced in England last year, my expectations were somewhat neutral for the Barcelona trip.  I thought there’s no way they can top the England trip.  Boy, was I wrong.  You guys are class.


Reflecting back on the trip, I would not have done anything differently.  We had one of the most memorable experience of our lives.  The culture, architecture, food, wine and football were exceptional.  Total Football Experience has perfected the science of making these trips fun and enjoyable for everyone.  Aden and I look forward to seeing you guys again.  He’s even started calling you Uncle Ritchie and thinks he’ll get to stay in your seaside cottage.


Again, the location you guys chose was perfect.  The accommodations were great, the itinerary was great, the training facilities were great.  The only thing less than superior is your and Steven’s taste in football clubs (Go City!).  Seriously, I hope the people reading this and the other testimonials call you guys so they can have the experience we had.  I have no doubt they will love every second of your tour.  By the way, watching Messi score in Camp Nou was amazing.

Alida Olsen

Louisiana Fire Juniors Soccer Club

Dear Coach Ritchie and Coach Steven,


As I reflect on our trip, I can’t remove the smile from my face.  I have a warm and fuzzy feeling as I reflect on our trip to England with the Total Football Experience. I, Alida Olson, accompanied my son, Anders, on the trip of a lifetime.  I keep thinking why I have this smile and this great feeling about the past 10 days.  I have traveled many places in the world and seen many things and don’t feel this way when I think back on some travels. 


It’s now come to me, it’s all about RELATIONSHIPS and your experiences. Coach Ritchie and Coach Steven provided us a trip rich in both.  They truly wanted to get to know each and every player and parent.  They kept fine tuning the itinerary where us parents did not want to miss out on anything our boys were experiencing. 


Total Football Experience is a “top notch” tour company that exceeded our expectations.  I would give them a 12 on a scale from 1 to 10.   


The relationships that this tour company fosters are friendships and it’s like getting a backstage pass to experience what others cannot.  Almost like a famous soccer player friend inviting you to their hometown and bringing you to their premier league matches and allowing you to play in the stadiums that he once played in with all the fan fair.


Anders’, favorite part was playing the different academy teams and the pace of the games.  It’s also nice to walk away with two wins.  Anders quote in describing the trip was short and precise,  “Awesome”.            


Thank you both for working closely with our coach to provide the Total Football Experience.

Cabos Family

Louisiana Fire Juniors Soccer Club

Hi Coach Ritchie & Coach Steven, 

As promised, I am sending you a message about our boys experience last week in England. As we have gotten settled back in to reality here in NOLA I have asked both the boys to give me their thoughts on what this trip to England gave to them individually.
 As you know, my husband Eddie had been to England in 2008, with a different tour group, with our older son Steven. It was a good experience for our son Steven from an overall soccer perspective but my husband’s experience didn’t match what we just experienced last week with your tour! It was exceptional and exceeded our expectations both from a player and parent perspective. 

Coach Keir joined the Fire just 2 years ago and has been my older son Jacob’s coach for those 2 years. Coach Keir has done an amazing job in just that short period of time with bringing more of the England way/style of coaching and tactical instruction to our boys. So my son Jacob has benefited from being under that coaching prior to coming to England. Having said that, what this trip meant for Jacob (14) and what he felt he gained from it was “being faster on the ball and the quickness of his game.”

My younger son Ethan (10) has not had the same experiences yet that Jacob has so we wanted him to be exposed to it as well. Ethan’s thoughts were - “it helped me with movement on the field, my touch on the ball, and the quickness with my passing.” 

My boys overall experience and ours is one we will never forget and one of our more memorable trips we have taken as a family! 

Thank you for your generosity and attention to details for both our boys and the parents. 

Sincerely the Cabos family! 

If either of you ever come to NOLA please let us know. We would love to provide you guys with some NOLA hospitality! 


Aimee Treadaway

Louisiana Fire Juniors Soccer Club

Thank you for our incredible tour of England with the Louisiana Fire Juniors. It was an unforgettable experience for Stephen. He enjoyed it and has many great memories. Also, thank you for making the families feel so welcome and giving great advice for us to enjoy our trip. Stephen’s siblings, Andrew and Elizabeth, were able to have a great time and we created many family memories. 

Leigh Jones

Mississippi Flood Soccer Club

“We have just returned from a soccer tour to England organised by Total Football Experience. I wasn't sure what to expect, however, it turned out to be one of the best family trip I've ever taken. We took a tour bus around the London landmarks and also took a river cruise on the Thames. We saw a live soccer game. We gained an understanding of how the communities in England raise their kids with soccer at the heart of it, we were also given an insight into how young players are scouted to train with professional clubs. We loved touring all the stadiums and the local soccer clubs. The landscaping that we saw was indescribable.

This trip is as exciting as you want it to be, or as relaxing as you want it to be. The kids trained almost every day with great coaches! My son said that there are things that the coaches said that will make him a better player. We were able to compete in a few games against the kids that play there locally. All of the accommodations were far greater than I expected. All of the food was planned, and great. The Roman city of Chester, it was the coolest town that you would never even know to tour.  The whole trip was very well run, the coach was comfortable, there was always time to eat, rest, bathe and still see everything historical and for soccer enthusiast alike. I felt very safe the entire trip as well, there was no rushing to get somewhere or missed exits. I highly recommend this trip, Ritchie and Steve were the perfect hosts, top class service and quality coaching sessions."

Misty Sharp


“Our team’s tour to England with Total Football Experience soccer tours was top-notch!  The players had excellent training and competition with youth club teams there.  Chester was an excellent host city that offered a safe place for the kids and plenty of diverse activities for families.  My son learned so much about football in the U.K., from youth clubs to Premiere League.  I highly recommend this wonderful experience!”

Corey Smith - Brilla Juniors


“TFE..... an absolutely amazing experience.

I got to watch my boy play football in the UK. I got to watch as he and his teammates rose up and play the most physically intense match of their young lives. I got to watch him form a closer bond with his teammates in the process. I got to see him dive in and clear the ball off the line when it got past the keeper, which kept his team from taking a loss. And I got to see him and his teammates step off the pitch with so much more added self-confidence than before. You can not put a price tag on that.

Moreover, I got to see his face light up as he walked through the tunnel at Old Trafford where the Man United players line up before the match. I got to see the smile on his face when he sat in the dressing room where the players get match ready. And I got to see the astonishment run through him as he gazed out onto the pitch where so many of his Man United heros have played the game he loves. Dream come true.

TFE offers the experience of a lifetime. Get your team to jump on the opportunity and go have a Total Football Experience.”

Tom Cosgrave - Mississippi Rush United


“Once again Total Football Experience put on an amazing tour for Mississippi Rush Soccer Club. Always going above and beyond to make sure the players and parents get to have the best possible experience. Looking forward to many more trips to come with them in the future!"

Parent - Mississippi Rush United


“The best trip with the best group of people. Wouldn't have changed this experience for the world. Learned so much about soccer and the history of London. Best Spring Break ever!"

Parent - Mississippi Rush United


“What a wonderful experience in England with the Rush Soccer team. Thanks to Tom and Ritchie for making it all possible. We had lots of fun and enjoyed every minute."


Jennifer McPherson - Mississippi Rush United


“We had a wonderful time. Thank you for being a spectacular host and coordinator."

Christi Wilson - Mississippi Rush United


“What incredible memories we made, getting to experience the game we love at a high level, see the professional side and all the cultural experiences too. We expanded our soccer family, made new friends and got closer to older ones."

Parent - Brilla Juniors


“What an incredible week. Class act from start to finish. Jonathan and Andrew looked after us all week. Food was quality, Tour was even better. Players and families were so thankful for the trip of a lifetime. Thank you TFE! We hope to see you again."


Parent - Mississippi Rush United


“Thank you for planning such a great trip.The girls will remember this forever. We will miss you guys! Cheers!"

Florence Fraser - Mississippi Rush United


“Thank you so much, Gigi Fraser and I had a blast. We look forward to Barcelona 2023!"

Parent - Mississippi Rush United


“You were a great host. Thank you for being patient with with our questions and taking our shenanigans in stride. Hope to see you next year as well!"

Paula Davis

“My family and I had an amazing time on our football tour of England. It was a trip of a lifetime for my nephew. Between the stadium tours, the training, the friendly matches and all of the sightseeing, I know it's a trip he will never forget. The itinerary had a great mixture of activities to ensure the whole family had something fun to do. Ritchie and Steven offered great coaching and knowledge of the area. Overall I'd give it 5 out of 5 stars.”

Emily Henning

Mississippi Rush

Our family had the trip of a lifetime when our soccer club’s U13 boys went to England with Total Football Experience! Ritchie and Steven are awesome, locally-based coaches who are well connected in the English football community. They organized jammed packed experiences such as behind-the-scenes tours of Manchester City and Manchester United stadiums and academy programs; going to two Premier League games; playing friendly matches against local teams; and so much more. This was an amazing bonding opportunity for the boys as well as for the families. We had a blast touring England and getting to see first-hand how soccer is organized at the highest level. If you have a son or daughter who is passionate about soccer, I highly recommend organizing a team trip with Total Football Experience! 

Thank you again for a wonderful, literally life-changing experience!!

Hope our paths cross again. 


Mississippi Flood Central

“We Would like to thank Total Football Experience for an amazing week with our teams. It was an excellent experience for all involved. We will certainly be back in the future”.

Melissa Swetz -  Sporting Oklahoma U15 Girls


Our trip with my daughter’s U16 team was all-around unforgettable. Witnessing the advanced level of football in England was eye opening and it was incredible getting to watch our girls play in such intense games. The stadium tours were astounding and for my daughter to now be able to watch games on tv and say “I was there!” is priceless. Aside from football, the areas in which we stayed/traveled were breathtaking. Ritchie and Paul have a wealth of historical knowledge and taught us all so much on our walks and bus rides. Their witty comments & jokes kept us entertained and laughing even on the longest of drives. Ritchie went above and beyond to accommodate us all, made adjustments to our schedule as needed, and even accompanied us for fun (& late) evenings out on the town. He was a joy to be around! It would be impossible to pick a favorite part of this trip. I genuinely wasn’t ready for it to end. Thanks for everything."

Parent - Bayou Academy Lady Colts 

“Ritchie, thank you so much for putting this fabulous trip together. Our girls had a great experience during their training session and playing football (soccer) against the UK teams. We will forever remember walking and sightseeing around Nottingham, Manchester, and London. Thanks again for making this a great trip and for all the memories!”

Parent - Bayou Academy Lady Colts 

“We had the best time on our tour of England! Everything was planned out so perfectly for our group! There was not a day that I couldn’t say wasn’t “the most fun”. The girls had an experience of a lifetime and I’m so grateful for the exceptional attention to detail that was provided. I only wish we could have stayed longer!! I would love to sign up for this tour again! Thanks again for everything Ritchie!”

Parent - Hattiesburg Futbol Club

“Fantastic tour all the way round. Ritchie did a wonderful job showing us all of England and its long football history. I would definitely recommend to anyone interested in going."

Parent - Sporting Oklahoma U16 Boys 

“My wife and I joined this trip with our high school senior. He had an absolute blast on this trip with TFE. Founder Ritchie went out of his way to make sure the parents and players got the most out of the trip. His planning and organization was superb. Many on our trip were leaving the states for their first time ever, so traveling in the group made it easier for them.


It was a great balance of organized activities mixed in with a lot of free time to explore. The boys had a great time playing matches against other teams while abroad, my son said it opened his eyes to how different soccer/football was abroad compared to home. He learned a lot and saw a different level of play than he had previously experienced. In addition, a team we played against in Bridlington hosted the boys team after the game which was a neat experience the boys have not experienced in the states.

When one of our days plans fell through Ritchie planned a full afternoon of activities bringing us to a third football club (Wrexham which was so cool because it’s newly well known because of the Disney+ docuseries.

Hotels were well organized. We expected chaos when 21 players and their families all checked into a hotel at once and it was seamless and easy thanks to TFE. Overall was a wonderful week and I can’t say enough good things! We highly recommend this trip."

Parent - Sporting Oklahoma U16 Boys

Not a dull moment from start to finish. Coach rides were amazing, with the site seeing of the country side. Experiencing the English game first hand was awesome. Having the players play against quality teams whether they lost or won was a good experience. Great people, great atmosphere for a full 7 days.. truly amazing once in a lifetime trip! Maybe next year."

Parent - Louisiana Fire

“Thank you for our incredible tour of England with the Louisiana Fire Juniors. It was an unforgettable experience for Stephen. He enjoyed it and had many great memories. Also, thank you for making the families feel so welcome and giving great advice for us to enjoy our trip. Stephen’s siblings, Andrew and Elizabeth, were able to have a great time and we created many family memories."

Parent - LA TDP Elite

My family and I recently had the pleasure of traveling to England with Total Football Experience. From start to finish, this venture was a success, showcasing the commitment and expertise of Total Football Experience in coordinating a soccer trip that perfectly blended elite football matches and captivating sightseeing adventures.

Total Football Experience's meticulous planning was evident from the get-go. The communication and coordination were impeccable, ensuring that every aspect of the trip was thoroughly addressed. The personalized approach taken by the Total Football Experience team elevated the entire experience, making each player and family member feel valued and attended to.

The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly the football matches arranged for our TDP Elite players. These were not just ordinary games; they were strategic, challenging encounters against top-tier English youth teams that pushed our players to their limits. The level of competition provided invaluable insights and growth opportunities for our elite athletes, contributing significantly to their development.

The cultural excursions were equally outstanding, striking a perfect balance between soccer-centric activities and sightseeing. Visits to iconic stadiums, historical landmarks, and immersive cultural experiences. It was an overall approach that left a lasting impression on both players and their families.

Logistically, Total Football Experience left no stone unturned. The accommodations were top-notch, strategically located to maximize convenience and comfort. Transportation and scheduling were flawlessly executed, allowing our players and their families to focus on enjoying the experience without the burden of logistical concerns.

What truly set Total Football Experience apart was the unwavering commitment to fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among the group. The staff's dedication to creating an inclusive and supportive environment ensured that both players and families formed lasting connections, adding an invaluable dimension to the overall experience.

Total Football Experience's organization of our TDP Elite trip to England was nothing short of exceptional. It combined high-stakes football competitions with enriching cultural experiences, creating memories that will resonate with our players and their families for a lifetime. I wholeheartedly recommend Total Football Experience for any soccer program seeking a transformative and world-class soccer expedition".

Jordan (Coach) - Hattiesburg FC


“Thank you for an amazing experience in England. There were memories that were made that will not be forgotten. TFE made the journey extremely smooth through out. I highly recommend using TFE, you will not regret it. It was worth it all".

Parent - LA TDP Elite


“I went on two Total Football Experience tours in England with each of my sons and had the most wonderful experiences!  My boys love football and being able to share in their passion with them on these trips are memories I will cherish forever.  We toured the grounds of some of the largest and most historic Clubs in the world and the boys and their teammates played in some thrilling hard fought competitive matches against some top Clubs.  Their relationships with their teammates and coaches deepened through these shared experiences.  I cannot recommend Total Football Experience tours enough".

Parent - LA TDP Elite


Dear all, I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the incredible work in organizing the recent football tour to the UK. Your dedication as coaches and organisers allowed the boys to experience something truly remarkable, and I am deeply appreciative of the opportunity you provided for them.


The matches, sightseeing activities, and overall planning were exceptional. Elias and Ibrahim (and I'm sure all the other participants) learned a great deal, developed new friendships, and created memories that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.


Beyond the positive impact on the boys, I also wanted to acknowledge the wonderful camaraderie among the parents during the trip. The friendly atmosphere you fostered made the experience even more enjoyable for everyone involved.


Your commitment to excellence and unwavering passion for youth development are truly commendable. Thank you once again for making this incredible tour possible".

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