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Why do you not deal with flights?

We believe that by letting you book your own flights it gives you the flexibility to pick your own bespoke dates, which will also dictate the length of your tour and the airports you use. As we are based in the UK if we booked your flights for you, they would work out more expensive as you would have to pay extra taxes and surcharges. Saying that we will help you find the best flights on request.


Does everyone in the group always travel together? 

This is another reason why we do not deal with flights, most tour groups come in on the same flight and leave on the same flight, especially when booked early through an airlines group booking department, this also obviously also helps with airport transfers once in Europe. Once we know the travel dates and flight times, we will inform you of the airport pick times. We will also let you know what hotel you are staying in, in case any families are arriving earlier want to book the same hotel that the main group will be staying at on their arrival date.


Is there a minimum and maximum number of people for the soccer tours?

For the soccer tour to be cost effective we recommend a minimum of 40 people (to include players, coaches and family members) and a maximum of 50. Saying that we will cater for any amount of numbers and try and make sure the tour meets your budget. If a club wants to bring more than one team on the same tour then we will class each team as a separate tour. The itinerary content can be the same but activities may be on different days. We will also try and keep everyone staying in the same hotel.


Do all players need a parent with them?  

Players do not need to travel with a parent or guardian as long as the coach knows that he/she will be responsible for that player during their stay.


Is the price the same for all travellers (players, parents, siblings, etc)?

Yes, the price is the same for everyone. Most tour groups are made up of 50% players and the other 50% made up with coaches and family members. So, we average out the total cost per person.


What is included in the price of the soccer tour?

The soccer tours are bespoke, we will work with the DOC/Head Coach and official team organiser to create the perfect itinerary. The content of the itinerary will be published and the final price will be agreed before any tour marketing takes place. A detailed list will be provided with what is included and what is not included in the price.


When the itinerary says “Watch a Match”, is this attending a match live or watching on TV?

Attending a live match. We will not know possible fixtures until we have confirmed dates for your tour. We will then endeavour to find you the highest profile matches available subject to ticket availability and location. For UK tours the cost of the ticket and transfer to the match will not be included in the price, unless requested, until it is confirmed that we can purchase tickets.


In Spain the cost of the ticket and transfer to the match will not be included in the price as matches are not confirmed until 10 days before the scheduled date. We can arrange coach transfers to the match within this period but we would ask that you purchase tickets directly from the football club.


Time in London for Sightseeing / Red Eye Flight

Most flights from the USA to the UK and Spain are overnight (red eye) flights. If requested, sightseeing in the UK or Spain will be agreed and included in the itinerary. In London we can provide a ‘City Tour Bus & River Cruise’ Hop On Hop Off 24-hour pass. In Barcelona and Madrid, we can provide a ‘City Tour Bus’ Hop On Hop Off, 24-hour pass.


What are the payment terms?  Deposit Dates? Deposit Refund Policy? Final payment dates?

Once we agree the dates and itinerary, we always ask you to book your flights and pay that deposit first before we ask for any tour deposit. We would require a deposit of $100 to $250 per person on an agreed date to secure your booking, this deposit is used to secure several aspects of the tour itinerary so is not refundable. The tour balance is due on or before 6 weeks before arrival. An agreed Tour Manager/Point of Contact would need to collect all monies and pay Total Football Experience by bank transfer on or before the dates we agree on. The agreed Tour Manager/Point of Contact will also be expected to collate a ‘Room List’ for the hotel. As a thank you for collecting money and collating the room list this person will be offered a FREE place, they will only have to pay for their flight.


Marketing Material

  • Itinerary - When the itinerary is finalized you can email that out to your players and parents. I can also design a personalised presentation on request that can be sent out to your players and parents.

  • Q & A – You could also send this document to the parents and players

  • Social Media Platforms – Your tour group could also follow us on social media to see what we get up to with other teams on tour

  • Website -


If you have any questions that are not covered by the answers above please email me at and I will answer them and add them to this working document.

Once the tour deposit is paid, I will send out an excel document to collate the names, emails and cell/mobile numbers of everyone travelling. I can then send out regular email updates and create a Group Me or What’s App group to answer any queries that may arise.

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