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This document was first created sometime ago but it is still very much usable. 36 weeks, 729 slides, something for everyone. All training and fitness sessions are easily adapted for different age groups and levels. 


Total Football Experience are proud to announce their partnership with APFC (Albert Puig Football Courses) with 50% OFF

Albert Puig is a former FC Barcelona Academy (La Masía) Coach and Director with a UEFA PRO License. Albert’s 35+ years’ experience as a coach, mentor, scout, instructor, author and speaker has allowed him to travel the world spreading this methodology with unique results. As a world renowned expert of “Juego de Posición” (Positional Play) in youth soccer, all this knowledge has been channelled into a comprehensive, digestible, step-by-step implementation program, that not only teaches you the theory, but the actual execution of this Catalan methodology on the pitch.

 “You want to know the secret? Love the ball. Play incessantly with it. Talk to it. Listen to it. The ball will reveal the secret”. ALBERT PUIG

Join the program and become an elite youth soccer coach with Albert Puig.

APFC Positional Play Blueprint


APFC Positional Play Blueprint  (8-month payment plan)

APFC Positional Play Foundations

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