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Boost morale, keep your team culture strong, have fun together

Low team morale is one of the toughest issues you'll face as a coach, but it is also one of the most important to deal with well. In soccer, the importance of building a sense of togetherness and unity is often underestimated. For young players whose social skills are still in a sensitive developmental stage, teaching them the value of team harmony and solidarity can be key to breeding a healthy youth team environment that everyone enjoys, at Total Football Experience we believe that one of the best ways to do this is by organising a soccer tour.

Our unique approach to soccer tours allows you to design your own itinerary and pick your own tour dates. During these difficult times we believe that the planning of a soccer tour could be a fantastic engaging, team building activity that the whole team could get involved in.

There is undoubtedly no substitute for a real-life soccer experience in the wider world. Soccer Tours abroad provide a great opportunity for young players to gain such experiences and face a range of challenges that can contribute significantly to their personal and social development. The key benefits include improved physical skills, health and fitness, personal knowledge, social and emotional development and the opportunity to set and achieve personal goals all in a foreign environment.

Players will also improve interpersonal skills such as leadership, team work, trust, respect, self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience. Rising to new challenges and living alongside their peers helps players to become more adaptable and confident which is critical to so many areas of personal development.

Whilst on a soccer tour to Europe, immersing yourselves in foreign culture can be a life changing experience for the players, coaches and family members, by making time to sightsee, whether that is visiting a famous stadium, museum or famous landmark, that you may have only ever seen on the TV, can be fantastic learning opportunity. Also, as a parent, watching your child interacting with the local people and trying traditional food is a social opportunity that should not be passed up.

An international soccer tour abroad does not just benefit the players, the coaches also get to experience a different soccer culture and observe their players being coached by professional foreign coaches with different styles, methodologies, training models and general approach to sessions. Also, watching professional games and playing matches against foreign opposition with a different approach, tactics and systems can be a great learning curve for each individual player, the team as a whole and the coaches.

Please take a look through the website and contact with your initial enquiry and questions.

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