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  • Ritchie Semple

Is it time to scrap VAR? Is it spoiling the game?

The use of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) in football has been a topic of debate and discussion since its introduction. Some people believe VAR has improved the accuracy of officiating and helps to correct clear errors, while others argue that it disrupts the flow of the game and leads to controversial decisions. Whether or not it should be scrapped depends on one's perspective.

Here are some arguments on both sides:

Arguments in favour of VAR:

Improved accuracy: VAR has the potential to correct clear and obvious errors, such as offside goals or missed red card incidents, leading to fairer outcomes.

Transparency: VAR allows viewers and fans to see the same replays that the match officials are reviewing, increasing transparency in decision-making.

Fairness: It can help ensure that the rules are applied consistently across all matches and teams, reducing the impact of human error.

Arguments against VAR:

Disruption: VAR can disrupt the flow of the game, leading to delays and frustration for players and fans.

Subjectivity: Some decisions, like handball or offside calls, can still be subjective and lead to controversy even with VAR.

Emotional impact: VAR can take away the spontaneous joy of celebrating a goal since it may be subject to review and potential disallowance.

Ultimately, the question of whether to scrap VAR or keep it depends on the balance between improving the accuracy of decisions and maintaining the excitement and flow of the game. Different leagues and governing bodies may make their own decisions on VAR based on the feedback they receive from players, fans, and stakeholders. It's an ongoing debate, and the future of VAR in football may continue to evolve.

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