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Mississippi Rush United Girls U15's v Arsenal FC Girls U15's
Louisiana Fire v Oxford City.jpg
Mississippi Rush United v Manchester Uni


New Orleans Spartans U16 v Newton Athletic U16_edited.png
Louisiana Fire v Hyde United.jpg
LB Academy Bermuda U12 Boys v Saughall Colts U12 Boys
Bayou Academy Lady Colts v Notts County.jpg
Soccer Tour to Spain
Soccer Tour to England
Soccer Tour to Portugal
Soccer Tour to Italy
Soccer Tour to Germany
Soccer Tour to Scotland
Soccer Tour to Croatia
Old Trafford Changing Rooms


LA TDP Elite

My family and I recently had the pleasure of traveling to England with Total Football Experience. From start to finish, this venture was a success, showcasing the commitment and expertise of Total Football Experience in coordinating a soccer trip that perfectly blended elite football matches and captivating sightseeing adventures. Total Football Experience's meticulous planning was evident from the get-go. The communication and coordination were impeccable, ensuring that every aspect of the trip was thoroughly addressed. The personalized approach taken by the Total Football Experience team elevated the entire experience, making each player and family member feel valued and attended to.

The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly the football matches arranged for our TDP Elite players. These were not just ordinary games; they were strategic, challenging encounters against top-tier English youth teams that pushed our players to their limits. The level of competition provided invaluable insights and growth opportunities for our elite athletes, contributing significantly to their development. The cultural excursions were equally outstanding, striking a perfect balance between soccer-centric activities and sightseeing. Visits to iconic stadiums, historical landmarks, and immersive cultural experiences. It was an overall approach that left a lasting impression on both players and their families. Logistically, Total Football Experience left no stone unturned. The accommodations were top-notch, strategically located to maximize convenience and comfort. Transportation and scheduling were flawlessly executed, allowing our players and their families to focus on enjoying the experience without the burden of logistical concerns.

What truly set Total Football Experience apart was the unwavering commitment to fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among the group. The staff's dedication to creating an inclusive and supportive environment ensured that both players and families formed lasting connections, adding an invaluable dimension to the overall experience. Total Football Experience's organization of our TDP Elite trip to England was nothing short of exceptional. It combined high-stakes football competitions with enriching cultural experiences, creating memories that will resonate with our players and their families for a lifetime. I wholeheartedly recommend Total Football Experience for any soccer program seeking a transformative and world-class soccer expedition.

An unparalleled insight into the world of professional football / soccer in England, Scotland, Spain, Germany, Croatia, Italy & Portugal  

Sporting Oklahoma U15 Girls at Old Trafford

Soccer Tours

At Total Football Experience our primary goal is to make our bespoke team soccer tours accessible and affordable to all players regardless of their age and ability level. Our unique approach to international European travel for junior boys’ and girls’ soccer teams allows you to pick your own travel dates and the content of your tour itinerary.

Soccer Tours - Stadium Tour of Liverpool's Anfield Stadium
Old Trafford

Our professionalism, efficiency and attention to detail sets us apart from the rest and guarantees that everyone will return from the trip with memories and experiences they will never forget. Our European soccer tours tours are totally bespoke, we use no set itineraries, no set dates and no set prices, a Director will personally work with your club's DOC or team Manager/Coach to create a bespoke tour itinerary that meet the needs of not only the players but the coaches, parents and siblings, with an end goal of making sure the trip is a total football experience for everyone. It is this pledge that makes Total Football Experience a premium European Soccer Tours Specialist.


In the UK we are based in the North West of England, the true home of football in the UK, where you will find Manchester United FC, Manchester City FC, Liverpool FC and Everton FC. We also use St. George's Park, the home of the England National Teams. With the emphasis always on quality over quantity we have adopted a unique personal approach whereby you will always deal with a Director who will not only thrive on the challenge of organising your perfect tour, but will also stay with you from when you arrive to when you depart.

Training Sessions delivered by highly qualified UEFA coaches
Louisiana Fire training at the FAW's Colliers Park.jpg
Training session with highly qualifies UEFA coaches
Louisiana Fire at the Leicester City v Leeds United match.jpg
Mississippi Rush & Hattiesburg at Man City v LB Leipzig

 Bespoke Soccer Tours - No Set Dates   -   No Set Itineraries   -   No Set Prices

Training Sessions

training 6.jpg

Watch Matches

Training sessions will be delivered by highly qualified professional youth coaches, designed to stretch and challenge your players skillset technically & tactically. The coaches will be carefully selected to match the standard and ability of the touring team.

Depending on fixtures and ticket availability, you could watch a high level professional football match in the Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two or National Conference. There may also be opportunities to watch Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup or League Cup matches. 

We can arrange for you team to be part of a  Matchday Experience. These experiences will  take place at lower league clubs, where as well as match tickets for the whole group, the players will get to go on the pitch before the game as flag bearers and to form a guard of honour for the players as they walk out. The players will also get to do a pitch walk and be introduced the crowd.


Mississippi Rush outside Old Trafford before the Manchester United v Atletico Madrid match

Prices Start from  $1450 USD/$2050CAD for 7 Nights, $1600USD/2250CAD  for 8 Nights  and  $1750 USD/$2450CAD for  9 Nights

Stadium Tours

Competitive   Matches

Mississppi Rush at the Etihad Stadium.jpg
Louisiana Fire at Old Trafford.jpg

The Manchester United Experience includes an Old Trafford Stadium & Museum tour and an educational  presentation. The Manchester City Experience Tour will also include a 'Day in the Life of a Footballer' presentation, the tour culminates in a trip around the Etihad Stadium. The Liverpool Experience includes a behind the scenes tour of Anfield Stadium & Museum. We will arrange for your team to play competitive matches against similar standard opposition that will stretch and challenge your players. We have great contacts at football clubs at all levels from Premiership to Semi-Professional.

Mississippi Rush U16 Girls.JPG
Sporting Okahoma U15's v FAW Girls Academy North

 Challenge  Total Football  Experience to design the perfect soccer tour

Improve Social Skills


Improving Social Skills
Improving Social Skills 2
Improving Social Skills

On a soccer tour, immersing yourselves in foreign culture can be a life changing experience for the players, coaches and family members. By making time to sightsee, whether that is visiting a famous stadium, museum or famous landmark, can be fantastic learning opportunity. Also, as a parent, watching your child interacting with the local people and trying traditional food is a social opportunity that should not be passed up.


There is undoubtedly no substitute for a real-life soccer experience in the wider world. Soccer Tours abroad provide a great opportunity for young players to gain such experiences and face a range of challenges that can contribute significantly to their personal and social development. A soccer tour could improve a players physical skills, health and fitness, personal knowledge, social and emotional development and the opportunity to set and achieve personal goals all in a foreign environment. 

Sightseeing on tour.jpg
Sightseeing in London
TFE Black and Silver trans 2_edited_edited.png
TFE Black and Silver trans 2_edited_edited.png

Total Football  Experience has a unique, personal approach to soccer tours

plane and flags (1).PNG


Total Football Experience does not deal with flights, but we believe that this works to your advantage as it offers you more flexibility with dates to find those value for money group flights. We want to make the process of finding your flights easier so we have listed the contact details for the most popular airlines that have direct and in-direct flights from the USA to the UK here. Please contact us with you specific requests in an email to

Immersing  yourselves  in foreign culture  can be a life changing experience

Soccer Tour to Portugal
Soccer Tour to Scotland
Soccer Tour to Germany
Soccer Tour to Italy
Soccer Tours to England
Soccer Tour to Spain
Soccer Tour to Croatia



Liverpool FC Anfield Stadium
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