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Don't Take Our Word For It !!! Soccer Tour Testimonials

So what is a testimonial? A testimonial is an important form of social proof from a previous customer or client. They may be an unknown person to the reader, but they have personal experience with the product or service. Since they were a paying customer, the testimonial is authentic and honest.

At Total Football Experience one of our primary goals is to make our soccer tours (football tours) accessible and affordable to all players regardless of their age and ability level. We offer a unique personal service when organising soccer tours and soccer tournaments to Europe (England, UK, Spain, France & Portugal. Our unique approach to boys and girls youth and junior football tours abroad allows client teams to pick their own dates and the content of the tour itinerary, which is often combined with a tournament. We work hard to make our tours memorable and something that can be looked back on and talked about for years to come.

We ask all of our clients, whether they are a player, coach, parent or sibling for their feedback, both positive and negative, we want to know where we can improve or do something differently so testimonials are very important to us.

Soccer Tour Testimonial

Soccer Tour Testimonial

More testimonials can be found on our website at

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