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Football Tournament & Football Tour Values

At Total Football Experience our primary goal is to make our football tours accessible and affordable to all players regardless of their age and ability level to Europe including England (UK), Spain, France & Portugal. Our unique approach to boys and girls international youth and junior football tours abroad allows you to pick your own travel dates and the content of your tour itinerary often combined with a tournament.

With the emphasis always on quality over quantity we have set out a list of core values that we adhere to, this is by no means an exhaustive list but it gives an indication that this list is a working document, it is evolving all the time, here are just some examples;

- To make sure our soccer tours to Europe are accessible to all young players by constantly sourcing the best value for money services

- To make sure there is no prejudice when it comes to the standard of the player. Many teams only take their best teams on tours abroad, we believe that players of lesser ability would also benefit from the experience

- By having no fixed dates we hope that teams can find flights that meet their budget, this flexibility allows teams to find the ideal dates so more players, coaches and family are available to travel

- We offer high level tournaments, social tournaments, soccer tours with the emphasis on matches and training and also soccer tours with social and cultural aspects, something for everyone !!

For more information about our tours and tournaments please visit our website or email

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